Kali Uchis + Tyler, the Creator - After the Storm

Sunflowers, springtime, butterflies, pastels – these are just a couple of things that come to mind when we think of Kali Uchis and Tyler, the Creator together.

The duo has previously teamed up on the song “PERFECT” as well as its corresponding music video:

Clearly, the two have mastered a fresh yet timeless aesthetic and sound together. I am convinced everything these two do together will always be impeccably executed.

Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, “After the Storm” shows us just how possible it could be to add “LOVER” to your grocery list and go to the nearest convenience store to cross that off.

As a play on Tyler, the Creator’s most recent album Flower Boy, Kali grows herself her very own “Flower Man”, who is forced to endure every season and believe as the song states: “The sun will come up, nothing good ever comes easy.” An animated Bootsy Collins delivers his playful ad-libbing from the labels of his own name-brand foods.

Seemingly set in the surreal time and place of Edward Scissorhands, this music video is captivating to watch and extremely fitting for the types of projects these two consistently and masterfully release. See for yourself below.