Clams.Wav - DROWN

Who knew that Poseidon resided in Arkansas? Well, we at The Snake’s Nest do, and with this new EP release from Clams.Wav, you will soon know. Coming with his most recent project, DROWN, Clams.Wav delivers a hard-hitting, aquatic and demonic release that makes you feel you’ve been transported to Davy Jones’ Locker with a whole lot of bass and dark tones.

DROWN starts off with a track titled Sink Or Swim, featuring production credits from Slim Lxtus and Prxphet. It starts off melodic, and makes you feel as if you are undergoing being submerged in the ocean. Clams.Wav delivers a melancholic flow, that is eerie in delivery as well as lyricism. With bars saying things such as “Underwater, had to get away,” and “I flipped the boat, now you feeling the wave”, really transport one to being at sea and being swept under the almighty force that is the ocean.

Going into Numb//Carvings, produced by Dezi, the album slows down a bit, but Clams.Wav delivers his trademark flow, but picks up the pace on his part. This track really highlights using a slower instrumental with a faster flow, and does it exceptionally well. There’s even melodic singing to accompany the faster flow, which gives the track a unique style that sticks out within the tape.

Walk the Plank, featuring Prxphet, is simply put, a banger. The distorted bass, with the destructive flows of both Clams.Wav and Prxphet makes this track really stand out, especially with how they switch back and forth between their deliveries and makes it seem like you’re truly at the bottom of the ocean, face to face with Poseidon. This track just really damn rules, and it’s one that you need to check out regardless. I really love the speedboat references in this track.

On Sight, produced by Still, is the lead single for the DROWN project, with Clams.Wav telling you to pull up on sight. You really think you gonna pull up on Poseidon like that underwater? This track works so well within the project, I love it. Clams.Wav absolutely kills it on this track, making you fearful of him, while also conveying that he don’t give a hoot who you are. This track makes me feel fearless, and able to conquer anything and everything.

Wealth is the fifth track on DROWN, and features Reno artists, Theonly1197 (who also produced the track and Lil Traffic. To put it lightly, they all kill it. Clams.Wav even has a slowed down, chopped and screwed-ish vocal part on the song that adds to the melancholy, eerieness of the album. Transitioning into Theonly1197’s part, it’s slower that what you may expect from him, but it works as within the context of the album, it just comes off genuine and cataclysmic. Lil Traffic has his trademark delivery on the track, that gives a brighter, fresh flow on the album that may not have been featured on the album due to the dark, cataclysmic vibe that comes off this album. And those are both good, actually great things.

DROWN finishes up with Wavy, produced by Still and features Mana. I absolutely love the seagull sample on this track. Makes the listener feel as if they’ve been washed ashore, as well with the beat making it seem hopeful that one was able to escape the fate they reached at the start of the project by being swept underneath the waves. Mana kills it on the track as well to follow up the first verse from Clams.Wav, and to anyone who thinks Mana sounds like Ghostemane or the $uicideboy$, take a listen to this track. You shouldn’t still think that. Mana sounds like Mana. And it’s a great touch to finish off DROWN.

In short, DROWN is a very cohesive project that truly shines light on Clams.Wav’s style and personality, all while delivering music that seems as if you’re at the bottom of the ocean. With strong features from his fellow Plush Life members Lil Traffic and Theonly1197, as well as from Mana and Mavo, this is a project you surely don’t want to miss. If you’re interested in knowing more about Clams.Wav, you can catch his interview with The Snake’s Nest happening live this month here on

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