Villette - Drip Crimson

“Who do you think I am?”

New Zealand’s R&B beauty Villette ends several tracks rhetorically asking this question in her debut mixtape Drip Crimson. With every track, I feel as though she doesn’t aim to answer this question for herself; rather, she targets those who have questioned her sense of self and sends out a message for those who think they know who she really is.

For example, in “If You Go,” Villette is kicking butt and taking names:

Take me as I am
I’m not the type to switch it up for no one
Think you know me now b****, please
Keep my circle small
You can’t sit with us
You can’t hit with us
You don’t wanna bang like us
You can’t chill with us

Through this song, she reclaims her individuality, and in this way, Drip Crimson is about identity- specifically Villette’s own. She simultaneously reveals her truest self and shares with us a personal and heartfelt masterpiece.

With a cover that oozes pleasure and a name that feels good leaving open lips, Drip Crimson entirely captures the uninhibited, unapologetic self-expression that Villette embodies throughout each track.

As listeners, we explore Villette’s love life and sexuality, both of which are dynamic and entirely relatable. “Missed Call” shows us Vilette’s softer side:

I never miss a call when you’re calling
I promise to stay when it gets boring
I know it’s out of fashion to be this in love
But it’s okay, it’s alright
‘Cause I’m yours

Complete with perfect harmonies, powerful beats and a synth that will have you swimming in her sound, “Missed Call” alone is a showcase in and of itself of the endless talent of this woman. Her vocals and the production consistently complement each other in such a way that neither ever overpowers the other.

Villette strips away any and all façades in a candid and sincere mixtape. Honest and vivid descriptions of her memories and experiences allow listeners to truly get to know who Villette is in every listen-through. These quiet, private moments are like windows to her innermost self, and we get to look inside:

I like it when you get excited
When you’re nervous, when you smile
When you kiss my neck in the morning, wakey wake
So I pretend to sleep to feel you do it again, do it again

Though fairly specific, the lyrics of “Missed Call” are built upon extremely relatable emotions to those who know the complexity of modern day relationships.

My favorite track “Used 2 Be” presents flawless production by KEV and Villette’s velvet voice. A demanding bass mirrors the sexual tension Villette sings about and induces in her listeners. She also continues her acknowledgment of her identity, both past and present, while taking into consideration who she is in relation to someone else:

Who I am, who I am
Who I am ain’t enough for you
What I want, what I want
What I want ain’t enough for you
Reminiscent hearts, devil in disguise
I am just an outline of the girl I used to be

Villette closes Drip Crimson with “If You Go, Pt. 2,” a stripped down ballad with lyrics that seem to be asking herself the question she’s posed throughout the mixtape – “Who do you think I am?”
She faces the prevalent conflict of whether or not we are satisfied with what others think of us and with what we think of ourselves:

Stay, my lover
All I need is you
If you go, will I ever be the same?
If you go, will I ever feel the same?

Drip Crimson is an intimate invitation into the heart and soul of Villette Dasha. We are so lucky she has given us the opportunity to enter and come out knowing more about ourselves in addition to getting to know her. As a self-proclaimed “one-woman band,” this multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and DJ can quite possibly do anything- and I am eager to see what comes next for her.

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