J. Pike - Powerhouse EP

J. Pike, otherwise known as Josh Pike, gifts us a collection of four songs with his debut Powerhouse EP. Complete with clanging hats, running basslines, and eclectic samples, this EP showcases not only J. Pike’s talent, but also his personality. In this way, you get to know him with every listen through not only as a producer, but also as a person.

Cover art by Tiffany Javier.

The Powerhouse EP opens up with “Gangsta,” a dynamic track that possesses otherworldly sounds reminiscent of your classic tech house DJ. You can definitely hear the influences of some of J. Pike’s favorite artists including FISHER, Billy Kenny, and Latmun. Every time I listen to this track, I feel this bassline in your plums, and the laserbeam-like sounds create a futuristic atmosphere. This song transports you to another dimension right off the bat, and throughout the EP, you just got further and further into the shadow realm.

They say mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, but this EP is quite a powerhouse on its own. The debut single alone after which the EP is named (“Powerhouse”) can easily be heard at your local club rumbling the floors and bumping the bodies.

Upon interviewing J. Pike prior to the EP’s release, he revealed the appeal many house-heads had for “Powerhouse.” One listener had even claimed to expect this song to play on legendary producer and Dirtybird Records founder Claude Vonstroke’s infamous Birdhouse podcast. I could definitely see this song, and any song from the EP, picked up by music labels such as Dirtybird.

“East Harlem Shakedown” includes a wacky sample from the one of J. Pike’s favorite movies, Anchorman, and it is extremely fitting to his persona. As the sample dictates, he truly does take that bassline for a walk, and I am walking alongside it the entire time.

J. Pike closes the EP with some deep dark techno, his specialty in my opinion. Even the title “Abyss” alludes to the type of vibe this track conveys. The sound is clearly reminiscent of the kind of content you would expect from some of J. Pike’s favorite techno labels such as Drumcode Records.

As a longtime friend and listener of J. Pike, I highly commend Josh for his growth and development as a producer. He claims to already have more tracks on the way this year that are bigger and better than ever. His work ethic shows and his natural talent just keeps on growing. I am incredibly eager to see what Josh has in store for us.

You can listen to the Powerhouse EP below on SoundCloud and connect with J. Pike through his Twitter or Instagram!