Larry June - You're Doing Good EP

San Francisco rapper, Larry June, recently dropped a new EP titled You’re Doing Good. Now if you know anything about Larry June, you’d know “You’re Doing Good!” is just one of June’s many iconic catch phrases, alongside “Sock it to me!”, “YEEHEE”, “Groovy!” and “Good Job Larry!”. And if you don’t know anything about Larry June, after listening to his music you will soon realize that these energetic punchlines are only part of Larry June’s unique and distinctive persona. A pimp-like player of the streets, who enjoys the finer things in life, while promoting living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and shopping at Whole Foods, Larry June is truly a one-of-a-kind character in Hip-Hop/Rap. The oranges, big mojitos, fresh-squeezed orange juices, and spirited ad-libs have become staple symbols of Larry June. Along with a sporadic delivery and multiple cadences, Larry June has carved his own lane in the trap rap game.

You’re Doing Good offers a full catalog of Larry June’s musical reach, with a ton of trappy and catchy songs including “So Organic”, “Healthy”, featuring Jazz Cartier, and “On Me”. June also has slower and more melodical tracks such as “Throw Sum” featuring Ye Ali and “Oakland”. The EP even offers a modern take on some 1980’s and 90’s early Hip-Hop themes, with the scratch-and-break heavy song titled “Too Live Crew” featuring and produced by Chuck Inglish. With the variety of tracks of this EP, it’s safe to say Larry June’s You’re Doing Good is a must-add project to your music library.

Listen to You’re Doing Good below, and follow Larry June on Twitter and Instagram.

You’re Doing Good is also available on all music streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.