Triathalon - Online

Brooklyn-based band Triathalon have created the soundtrack to your sleepwalk with the release of their album Online. Appropriately named, Online encapsulates a sound that was raised by the internet and cannot be labeled under any one genre.

Every listen through oozes a sticky sweet nostalgic feel while simultaneously exhibiting an extremely innovative, contemporary take on music. Through this album, Triathalon showcases their mastery of dreamy bass and synth.

Cover Art for ‘Online’ by Triathalon

Rich, complex tones and melodies drive each song in such a way that the band creates an atmosphere that can wrap around your entire being, commanding the attention of practically every one of your senses to consume their sound; however, they also make you very aware of the voids they intentionally employ. In this way, Triathalon seems to be experimenting with negative space of the auditory nature.

Standout tracks such as “Hard to Move” convey a super dynamic track with melodic duality. Between the verses and the chorus lies a smooth transition that you can feel in your plums with a strong enough juxtaposition to catch you by surprise.

Triathalon delivers a heartfelt album perfect for putting on during this month of love with honest lyrics in songs like “Couch” that exude quiet relatability and the tender side of sexual tension:

Chilling on my favorite couch

Ask me what I think about

Thinking about how I need your body close

I need it now

What gets you feeling loose? Feeling new

Feeling all the things I wanna do with you

Can I get you home? In the zone

I just wanna feel the truth

Triathalon is showing us that they are a band to keep an eye on for sure. The timing of Online’s release could not be more perfect in lieu of the coming springtime. Perfect for that Sunday morning stroll through the park or a lonely view of the sunset, this album can set the mood for all of it.

You can check out Triathalon on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram.

Triathalon is also on tour, you can check our their Tour Bill below!