Community Blog Posts

Wolf Pack Radio is now accepting community submissions to our blog! Once you submit a post, we will choose the ones we edit and publish. Please contact our general manager with any questions about writing for Wolf Pack Radio.

Content we are looking for:

Album Reviews

  • Album reviews about bands that might not be written about otherwise. Local, underground, you name it.
  • Album reviews about bigger bands signed to independent labels or no label.
  • Criteria for an album review:
    • The album has been released in the past month.
    • The album is available online.

Music Video Reviews

  • Review a recent music video

Concert Spotlights

  • Show reviews about shows that happen at local Reno venues.
  • Show reviews about shows that happen out of town, preferably featuring bands from independent labels.
  • Criteria for a show review:
    • The show happened within the last month.

Artist Spotlights

  • Artist features are more in-depth, and sometimes over 1,000 words long. If you are interested in working on an artist feature for a local Reno artist, please reach out to our general manager

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