Hannah and Katie

Hello! Hannah Fogg and Katie Buckley are here to tell you about their lives, and we'll do our best to make it sound as exciting as possible. We are both in our last year at UNR and are studying Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. We also both have Business minors, so obviously we practically live the same life. The only difference is Katie is 6’1 and Hannah is a mere 5’5. The two of us met through music, One Direction to be exact (if you’re a real one you know), so being able to share our music experiences with others is what we’ve been wanting to do! Between the two of us, Hannah discovers and listens to the most music while Katie waits until Hannah forces the music onto her. Hannah’s favorite artists include: BROCKHAMPTON, LANY, The Aces, Hippo Campus, and other mixtures of hip-hop and alternative artists. Meanwhile Katie is still listening to the same album from 2010. Collectively, we both enjoy artists such as COIN, Waterparks, Paramore, and The 1975. If we’re not sharing music with each other, we’re either screaming over nothing or laying on the couch for three days in a row. We hope you enjoy hearing our banter, our music picks, and our passion for live shows.