Versace Hottie

Gianni Pinneri & Adrian Gonzalez are both Junior engineering majors at the University of Nevada. Apart from sharing a passion for music, live shows, and art in general, we both are huge into cars (Adrian loves the Japanese cars whereas I'm a huge German car enthusiast), and we both love the outdoors; often we go snowboarding in Tahoe when it's cold, or hang out at the beach when it's hot out. We have also been to many Hip-Hop/Rap shows, and musical festivals, both local and far away. As for musical influences, we share a passion for many artists such as BROCKHAMPTON, Blood Orange, Frank Ocean, Beyoncé, Travis Scott, and many other great hip-hop artists. However, Dj Suedrian is always putting me onto great R&B artists like Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy and Smino, whereas I'm always trying to put him onto more intense Hip-Hop/Rap artists like Denzel Curry, Death Grips, and SpaceGhostPurrp.

Show: That Good Good