b9 djs

Who are you?

My name is Sean Hughes. My friends have been known to call me “Güs”, “Hugh Man”, and “Cincinnati Hugh”. I like to think I do a decent amount of snowboarding and reading in my free time. I have a guitar, but I’ve yet to paint any masterpieces.

What got you into music?

I get a lot of my appreciation for music from my family. Growing up, I used to carry my CD player around with me everywhere and listen to an array of CDs from my parents’ collection.  I’d play anything from Sly and the Family Stone, to Alice In Chains, to Dr. Dre (if I was sneaky). These CD’s and their artwork gave me hours and hours of good times. Eventually, I graduated to my uncle’s collection which consisted of a couple thousand CDs. I remember coming home from his house with bags full of Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, and Dave Matthews Band. These two collections always gave me something new to listen to and one could say that they gave me a very open-minded perspective towards music.

Where did you decide to do this show?

Last semester I studied abroad in The Hague, the government capital of the Netherlands. I had never really given electronic music a chance up to that point because EDM music and culture didn’t resonate with me. The friends I met out there took me to see some stellar artists such as Marcel Dettmann and Egbert, and I was hooked. After coming home, diving into the catalogs of European labels became the only way for me to still experience this music. I wanted to do this show so that I could share my new discoveries with an audience.

Where were some of your favorite music memories?

Last summer, I went to see Dead and Company at the Hollywood Bowl with my uncle. The Grateful Dead are known for having a vast catalog of songs to choose from during live performances. I didn’t start listening to them heavily until I was a sophomore in college, so I felt pretty good about myself when I knew every song that they played during the two sets.

Another one of my favorite music memories is going to see Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA my senior year of high school. I felt pretty lost at that point in my life, as most people do in high school, and the raw energy and moshing during the show really gave me confidence in the world around me and myself.

Last but not least, while studying abroad I had the opportunity to go to a techno club in Berlin, Germany. I’d say that was one of my favorite life experiences period. The fact that DJ’s actually use vinyl, along with the general greasiness of the venue made me feel at home. It was almost like tasting fresh salsa straight from Mexico City for the first time after eating nothing but store brand salsa up to that point.

Why did you choose this name for your show?

The name of my show is b9. You can take it how you want it, but my intention is for b9 to be an interpretation of the word benign. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, benign means, “of a gentle disposition”. Although I think it’s cool that a large percentage of my peers enjoy EDM, I consider the music on my show to be a lot less aggressive than EDM. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t slap. It is just a lot less headbangy and under no circumstance would you trade kandi bracelets to it.

You can check out Sean and his show b9 on wolfpackradio.org Tuesdays 5-6 PM PT and on Mixcloud!