That Good Good

That Good Good djs

Introduce yourselves (name, year, major, fun fact, etc.):

Hey I’m Gianni Pinneri, I’m a junior Computer Science and Engineering major. While music is one of my greatest passions, I also love cooking, working out/running, and I’m a huge car enthusiast. I like to go fast and I’m also 6’5” tall and very blessed.

Hola, mi nombre es Adrián González y me gusta chupar los dedos de los pies. They call me EE daddi Suedrian because I’m studying Electrical Engineering. I’m a year removed from getting out of this school with a degree (hopefully) and starting my life as a young professional.

What is the name of your show and how did you come up with it?

(Gianni): If I remember correctly, I was thinking about how people always refer to marijuana as “Perp-skerp” or like “Loud-loud” or “good-good,” and when I was thinking of good names for a radio show “That Good Good” really stuck out to me. I initially wanted to see if I could get some kind of sponsorship from a local marijuana dispensary, but I don’t know if that’s allowed.

(Adrian): Gianni described it perfectly. I wanted to call the show “The Simp Hour” cause I mainly listen to R&B but Gianni was not too fond of the name. That name wouldn’t fit anyways. We play too many quality genres to put ourselves in a simp bubble.

Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to?

(Gianni): Although I try to consistently find new music to listen to from new-to-me artists, as well as local artists, I find myself constantly coming back to a few artists that are, I guess what you could call, my musical “comfort zones.” I always come back to the stuff grew up with like Electric Light Orchestra 70s art-rock , My Chemical Romance mid-2000’s emo, Outkast 90’s hip-hop and UGK gangsta rap. These days I listen to a lot of contemporary hip-hop artists like Young Thug, Future, Denzel Curry, and Travis Scott. I also listen to a lot of indie/alternative bands like Beach House, Animal Collective, Ariel Pink, Blood Orange, Deerhunter, and Tennis. I’m always looking for new music though; even just yesterday I discovered a new Electro DJ Duo by the name of Polo & Pan, they’re amazing. Go check them out.

(Adrian): Honestly I only listen to Anderson .Paak. Gianni chooses every song that is not Anderson .Paak on our show.

What is your favorite music memory (show, festival, etc.)?

 (Gianni): My absolute favorite memory with music was seeing Death Grips when I was 18 and it being my literal first real concert. I distinctly remember screaming the lyrics to “Lock Your Doors” and locking-in eye-contact with MC Ride, him noticing I knew all of the words, and him waving his arm in unison to mine specifically. After that I got so hype that I almost ripped my shirt off; I was only able to rip it off half-way.

(Adrian): Childish Gambino’s PHAROS event was unreal. It was Las Vegas Fremont Street meets Sci-fi on hallucinogens and they make a baby while listening to Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain. I really hope this is the future of concerts.

What can we expect from That Good Good this semester?

 (Gianni): This semester from That Good Good you can expect more of that Good Good. We want to consistently introduce new music to people in a cohesive, easy-to-swallow, and good sounding organizational style. Despite our show technically being a hip-hop show, we think it’s important to venture out and introduce new genres, artists, and sounds that aren’t necessarily hip-hop based, but would go nicely when paired with certain hip-hop sounds, in order to try to get our listeners to venture out and enjoy new artists, genres, styles, and sounds.

(Adrian): Although we have varying, unique themes throughout the shows, a recurring theme continues to be the comparison between past and present artists. Inspiration is key to making any sort of art, and music is no exception; it’s important to see where some of our favorite contemporary sounds have grown from, and to understand the impact of older artists. We hope to continue shortening the gap between old and new in order to gain a further appreciation of our favorite bops.

You can listen to DJ Suedrian & Versace Hottie on That Good Good Wednesdays 8-9 PM PT on