b9 djs

Who are you?

My name is Sean Hughes. My friends have been known to call me “Güs”, “Hugh Man”, and “Cincinnati Hugh”. I like to think I do a decent amount of snowboarding and reading in my free time. I have a guitar, but I’ve yet to paint any masterpieces.

What got you into music?

I get a lot of my appreciation for music from my family. Growing up, I used to carry my CD player around with me everywhere and listen to an array of CDs from my parents’ collection.  I’d play anything from Sly and the Family Stone, to Alice In Chains, to Dr. Dre (if I was sneaky). These CD’s and their artwork gave me hours and hours of good times. Eventually, I graduated to my uncle’s collection which consisted of a couple thousand CDs. I remember coming home from his house with bags full of Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, and Dave Matthews Band. These two collections always gave me something new to listen to and one could say that they gave me a very open-minded perspective towards music.

Where did you decide to do this show?

Last semester I studied abroad in The Hague, the government capital of the Netherlands. I had never really given electronic music a chance up to that point because EDM music and culture didn’t resonate with me. The friends I met out there took me to see some stellar artists such as Marcel Dettmann and Egbert, and I was hooked. After coming home, diving into the catalogs of European labels became the only way for me to still experience this music. I wanted to do this show so that I could share my new discoveries with an audience.

Where were some of your favorite music memories?

Last summer, I went to see Dead and Company at the Hollywood Bowl with my uncle. The Grateful Dead are known for having a vast catalog of songs to choose from during live performances. I didn’t start listening to them heavily until I was a sophomore in college, so I felt pretty good about myself when I knew every song that they played during the two sets.

Another one of my favorite music memories is going to see Flatbush Zombies and The Underachievers at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA my senior year of high school. I felt pretty lost at that point in my life, as most people do in high school, and the raw energy and moshing during the show really gave me confidence in the world around me and myself.

Last but not least, while studying abroad I had the opportunity to go to a techno club in Berlin, Germany. I’d say that was one of my favorite life experiences period. The fact that DJ’s actually use vinyl, along with the general greasiness of the venue made me feel at home. It was almost like tasting fresh salsa straight from Mexico City for the first time after eating nothing but store brand salsa up to that point.

Why did you choose this name for your show?

The name of my show is b9. You can take it how you want it, but my intention is for b9 to be an interpretation of the word benign. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, benign means, “of a gentle disposition”. Although I think it’s cool that a large percentage of my peers enjoy EDM, I consider the music on my show to be a lot less aggressive than EDM. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t slap. It is just a lot less headbangy and under no circumstance would you trade kandi bracelets to it.

You can check out Sean and his show b9 on wolfpackradio.org Tuesdays 5-6 PM PT and on Mixcloud!

Typhoon of the Introspective Mind

Typhoon of the Introspective Mind djs

Introduce Yourselves:

Tyler, Cassie, and Sarah make up Typhoon of the Introspective Mind. Tyler is a biochemistry and chemistry double major, Cassie is a Microbiology and Immunology major, and Sarah is a marketing and economics double major. All three of us are seniors at the university, and we’ve all known each other since middle school pretty much. Sarah even went to preschool with Tyler, but they weren’t buds back then.

What is the name of your show and how did you come up with it?

Our show name is Typhoon of the Introspective Mind. It’s really long and sometimes hard to say so we and a lot of other people have shortened it to Typhoon. When we first applied to be DJ’s 2 years ago we couldn’t think of a good radio show name, so we used one of those band name generators. Originally it came up with Skintight Aggression and we almost went with that name, but we thought it sounded too much like a death metal band name so we changed it to what we have now at the last second. But our group chat with the three of us is still called Skintight Aggression – the name lives on.

Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to?

Typhoon pretty much got its start when we were all in high school. We would make mix CDs for each other with cute indie songs we thought were really underground at the time. So now all three of us have kind of taken what we used to make in high school and transformed it into what is now Typhoon. We all have slightly different music tastes, but they do overlap. Some of Tyler’s favorite bands include Hippo Campus, Kaleo, and Electric Guest. Sarah is a fan of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Hippo Campus, and Mating Ritual. Cassie has a weird obsession with Lord Huron. There’s also more mainstream bands that we all love, like Portugal. The Man, STRFKR, Walk The Moon, and Glass Animals. We try to stay as underground as we possibly can, but its hard to let go of the bands we loved way back when.

What is your favorite music memory (show, festival, etc.)?

Tyler’s favorite memory is when Typhoon aired for the first time on KWNK 97.7, our local fave nonprofit FM radio station. We all crowded into the back of Sarah’s car in Minato Sushi’s parking lot and listened to our entire show. We were all screaming because we were so excited to hear our show air on FM for the first time ever. It had been a long time coming, and we were all so proud! It was kind of like watching your kid graduate from college or kindergarten honestly.

Sarah has a lot of favorite memories, like when she almost got into a fist fight at a concert when someone dumped beer down her jacket, or the STRFKR concert she went to not too long ago with Tyler with all the crowd surfing astronauts. But Sarah’s favorite memory by far is when she went to Bottlerock in 2016, and cried in front of 10,000 people when Walk The Moon played their song Portugal. That’s not even her favorite song. But it is her longtime favorite band. Before discovering walk the moon in like 2012, she mainly listened to punk rock. Typhoon probably wouldn’t exist unless Sarah had discovered them what feels like forever ago! Something about the opening of that song got to her, and there she was crying near the front of the stage at a music festival. It was embarrassing but still a good memory.

Cassie’s favorite memory is when she and her sister attended the Osheaga music festival in Canada when she was in high school. She had never really been to a concert before and there were just so many people there and the atmosphere was really cool and lively. Mumford and Sons were playing and she had never really seen a famous person before and was SO EXCITED and they sounded so good live and were so cool. She was already obsessed with them at the time, and then they played their song The Cave and shot out a ton of confetti and everyone was super happy and it was so fun. It was a moving experience.

What can we expect from Typhoon this semester?

We like to think that Typhoon is improving every semester we’re on the air. We’re trying to find music that’s better, catchier, more underground. We’re also trying a lot hard to make our shows blend better. Typhoon used to have themed weeks, but with a 2 hour show, that’s too hard to achieve. Now, we’re starting off with instrumental indie, blending that into electro indie and some dream pop, and slowly transitioning to more surf rock and classic indie rock. We try to stick to that format for every show, it seems to be working out better, and that way there is more variety for each show. We have a lot more good music to play, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone who listens to us. Our favorite show to play is our last show of the semester – that’s where we compile all of our favorite songs that we’ve played throughout the whole semester, and sometimes from past semesters. So stay tuned for that upcoming show! Typhoon is also trying to partner with more local bands for some show take overs and interviews, stay tuned for those as well! We’re all so proud of everything Typhoon has accomplished, and we’re not going to slow down for a second, even during our last semester on air in Fall 2018. So make sure to stay tuned to see what Typhoon has planned for the future!

You can catch Typhoon of the Introspective Mind every Wednesday from 5-7 PM PT on wolfpackradio.org, anytime on Mixcloud, and on Instagram!

Larry June - You're Doing Good EP

San Francisco rapper, Larry June, recently dropped a new EP titled You’re Doing Good. Now if you know anything about Larry June, you’d know “You’re Doing Good!” is just one of June’s many iconic catch phrases, alongside “Sock it to me!”, “YEEHEE”, “Groovy!” and “Good Job Larry!”. And if you don’t know anything about Larry June, after listening to his music you will soon realize that these energetic punchlines are only part of Larry June’s unique and distinctive persona. A pimp-like player of the streets, who enjoys the finer things in life, while promoting living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, and shopping at Whole Foods, Larry June is truly a one-of-a-kind character in Hip-Hop/Rap. The oranges, big mojitos, fresh-squeezed orange juices, and spirited ad-libs have become staple symbols of Larry June. Along with a sporadic delivery and multiple cadences, Larry June has carved his own lane in the trap rap game.

You’re Doing Good offers a full catalog of Larry June’s musical reach, with a ton of trappy and catchy songs including “So Organic”, “Healthy”, featuring Jazz Cartier, and “On Me”. June also has slower and more melodical tracks such as “Throw Sum” featuring Ye Ali and “Oakland”. The EP even offers a modern take on some 1980’s and 90’s early Hip-Hop themes, with the scratch-and-break heavy song titled “Too Live Crew” featuring and produced by Chuck Inglish. With the variety of tracks of this EP, it’s safe to say Larry June’s You’re Doing Good is a must-add project to your music library.

Listen to You’re Doing Good below, and follow Larry June on Twitter and Instagram.

You’re Doing Good is also available on all music streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.