About the Station

What is Wolf  Pack Radio?

Wolf Pack Radio is a student-run, nonprofit radio station, broadcasting from the Joe Crowley Student Union at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is the only student-run radio station in northern Nevada, and has been operating for over ten years. WPR gives university students a media outlet to express themselves to a wide audience comprising not only of fellow students, but listeners and readers all over the world. In fact, all shows are created and broadcasted entirely by students. While most shows predominantly feature music, some also speak about a wide range of topics, including politics and sports. WPR provides unique and professional work experience, internships, and volunteer opportunities in radio, journalism, and various creative fields to students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Want to get involved?

If you’re interested in working at Wolf Pack Radio or you want to submit a blog post, get involved.

KWNK Partnership

Wolf Pack Radio shares programming with KWNK 97.7FM, providing student-produced content to them every week, amplifying student voices and allowing WPR DJs to be heard on the FM. KWNK is a non-profit radio station that champions music and ideas through freeform, community-driven radio in Reno and beyond, largely funded by listener memberships and support from local businesses. KWNK is a platform to amplify the voices, tastes and culture of our community through FM radio and volunteer-produced programming that has authentically reflected our city, neighborhoods, and identities since 2017. Some of the WPR shows that air on KWNK include Black & Blooming, Ears To The Ground, The Moonlit Disco, and Brushfire Audiobooks. KWNK currently broadcasts 24/7 at 97.7FM in the Reno area, and streams online at kwnkradio.org/listen. To learn more about KWNK, you can check out their website at kwnkradio.org, and follow them on Instagram at instagram.com/kwnk97.7.