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Monthly Staff/DJ picks. Find the playlist here!

Emma (biographie)

“Charmed” by Σtella & Redinho

“Space Cadet” by The Murlocs

Aden (The Deconstruction Zone + General Manager)

“I Want To Be Alone” by oOoOO & Islamiq Grrrls

“SKYRAT” by Bonnie Baxter

“Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)” by Limp Bizkit

“Je veux te voir” by Yelle

“Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” by Father John Misty

Macky (Indie Jam Session + Program Director)

“Genesis” by Grimes

“Sunday” by Sea Lemon

“Softcore” by The Neighbourhood

Cam (Daydream Hour)

“Give Mama A Hug” by Dev Lemons

“Texas Blue” by Quadeca & Kevin Abstract

“One Night/All Night” by Justice & Tame Impala

“crisis actor” by ericdoa

Mare (Walkman-775)

“Seek & Destroy” by Metallica

“Float On” by Modest Mouse

“Would?” by Alice In Chains

Chris (The Scenic Route)

“Light Switch” by SkyBlew & Navo The Maestro

“BOHEMIAN” by Taeko Onuki

“Latin Simone” by Gorillaz

“Step Close Now” by Dolly Mixture

Natalie (Blazz Express)

“Girlfriend Is Better” by Talking Heads

“Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)” by The First Edition

“I’ll Be Faithful” by TV Girl

“How To Stay With You” by Troye Sivan

Jillian (Bee’s Bedroom)

“No Choir” by Florence + The Machine

“Oceanic Feeling” by Lorde

“Duvet” by bôa

Perry (The Pasttimes)

“Fountain Plaza” by Disconscious

“Try” by The Soft Moon

“Sacrifice – Death Grips Remix” by Björk

“mirror gallery (Windows 96 Remix)” by FM Skyline

“Hang On To Your Love – Long Version” by Sade

Elizabeth (Ultra Violet)

“Tarantula Girl” by VIOLENT VIRA

“Baby Teeth” by Zoe Ko

“Anita” by Pacifica

Jianna (In Your Orbit)

“Betcha” by Garbage

“sid” by Sipper

“Ladykillers” by Lush

Sephora (Hummin’ Happy)

“Atop a Cake” by Alvvays


“What?” by A Tribe Called Quest

Devin (Rhizomatic Synthesis)

“December 10th 2021, 11:57pm” by STOMACH BOOK

“Floodlit” by Lowercase

“Instrument of Surrender” by Sea Power

“Full of Fire” by The Knife

Rylee (Red Rabbit)

“Step Into The Relm” by The Roots

“Sola Sistim” by Underworld

“New Star in the Sky – Demo 1” by Air

Ella (Shot O’Clock)

“Sound & Color” by Alabama Shakes

“Wading” by Jhené Aiko

Gwendolyn (Gothabilly Grind)

“Wave Of Mutilation” by Pixies

“Long Game” by Emily Nenni

“Candy Apple Red” by Annabelle Chairlegs